Henrik Mogensen

About us

Clips Group was founded in 2015 based on the patented invention we have called – the PRO clip series.

The first two clips was introduced to the Danish electricians in 2016 were for 16mm pipes and for cables. Demand for several types and sizes of clips quickly came into being, and since then the product portfolio has expanded to three more types of clips. Two types of clips for 20mm pipes and one clip for 25mm pipes.

To complete the entire work process, we have just introduced a new type of clip for retaining electrical wall sockets and thus it is now quick, easy and efficient to attach both pipes, cables and eletrical wall sockets to the milled walls.

The products are the result of Henrik Mogensen's 32 years of experience in the electricity industry.

With a desire to change a cumbersome and time-consuming workflow, into something easy and convenient, but at the same time also keep the simplicity of the product, the clip has been in development for three years before it was introduced in 2016. During the development phase, the clip was constantly further developed and tested – even the smallest angles have been adapted many times – in the effort to get a solid product, that was adapted to the working procedure.

It has been primarily the focus that all our products exude quality, simplicity and that they can be used without the use of tools.

It has also been a great wish to keep our products and business model in Denmark. All our products are therefore developed and produced in Denmark. This means that we can offer high product quality and a high level of service for our customers.

Environment is very important to us, which is why we are working to make all our products from pure recycled plastic. Unfortunately, our demand for high quality products and recycled plastics is not entirely compatible at this time but, we are convinced that in the near future we can call ourselves a 100% recycling company.