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New world news from Clips Group.

Clips Group introduces new 25mm. groove clips PRO, to the Danish and European markets.

Sales of our PRO clip series are doing well. The first two types of clips are primarily aimed at electricians and are dimensioned according to 16 mm. pipes and cables. The Danish electricians have welcomed the two new products very well. More and more Electric installers are taking advantage of the two new clips and we have received many positive feedback that the clip is functional, easy to work with and of course much faster than traditional fastening methods.

During our sales campaign, of our first two groove clips, we quickly got demand for a clip for 25 mm tubes. The many inquiries came mainly from plumbers, who also felt there was a great need for a groove clip for 25 mm pipe. As electricians, they also see this workflow as cumbersome and time consuming.

Clips Group took up the challenge and has now launched the new clip.

Just like with the first two clips types, we have over a long period of time developed and tested the new 25mm rilleclips. There has been a great deal of interest and willingness to help in the testing phase, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for that. We have stuck to the principles of our clips to 16 mm tubes and upgraded the new 25 mm clip in strength and hardness, thus meeting the requirements to maintain the somewhat harder and stiffer water pipes in the milled groove, while keeping the clip quick and easy to work with. More than 20 plumbers who have tested the clip have agreeed with us.
We are therefore sure that we can offer a good and functional quality product that the plumbers will be very happy about.

Ask for it at your local wholesaler.