New 20 mm. groove clips PRO, for electricians and plumbers.

There has been a great demand to get a 20 mm clip in 2 different kinds of hardness/flexibility from Denmark and other countries. Therefore, we are now ready with two variants of the new 20 mm rilleclips PRO, one in "medium flex" and one in "hard flex". Thus, the PRO clips series is complete and covers the types of pipes that typically become grooved in walls and floors.

We know from the many Electric installers who already use our products that they are very satisfied with the hardness/flexibility of our clips for 16 mm pipes and therefore prefer a similar product to 20 mm tubes, with the same characteristics. Of course, we have listened to this and 20 mm clips "medium flex" have precisely these characteristics and are therefore very suitable for use by Electric installers.

However, our research also confirmed a need for a clip for the somewhat harder water pipes, which require better retention in walls and floors. Like the Electric installers, the plumbers are also very satisfied with 25 mm clips for pipes and its properties in hardness and flexibility.

A similarly hard 20 mm clip would therefore be the best solution for the plumbers. Of course, we listened to this too and 20 mm clips "hard flex" are therefore developed, with the same hardness and flexibility as clips for 25 mm tubes.

The test phase has been a pleasure and the two types of groove clips PRO 20 mm have been received really well and have done the job with great praise from the users. What is new in our testing phase this time is that other countries in the EU have also been involved. This has already generated a lot of demand for our products, and of course we would like to take this opportunity to thank once again everyone who has been involved in testing our products.

Buy them from your local wholesaler and enjoy.

Clips Group.