Maybe the fastest clip in the world!

Clips Group has had a time measurement done on the Rilleclips PRO series.

The time measurement has been carried out by the electrical industry's work studies, which belong to the TEKNIQ Installers' Organization and the Danish Electrical Federation.

The time measurement on the Rilleclips PRO series is intended to definitively determine the time for use of the clip. This is both for use in the Danish chord system, but also the importance of showing that it is not only Clips Group's employees who say that the clip is fast and efficient.

Carsten Pedersen – chief consultant at El industri's work studies – carried out the time measurement in collaboration with electricians from Verdo. "It is always an important factor to carry out the time measurement in a realistic working environment. Therefore, the renovation project at Bjellerupparken, where 214 apartments are renovated, was just the right place to get a realistic impression of the efficiency of the rilleclipsen" says Carsten Pedersen

The current time measurement was carried out in total, at 20 meters of milled groove. Both rilleclips PRO for pipes and Rilleclips PRO for cables were tested. The measurement was subsequently compared with the times and methods known and noted to date. The result was as expected and the time savings from using Rilleclips PRO are...

Rilleclips PRO for 16mm tubes - 36 seconds faster per metre

Rilleclips PRO for cables - 1 minute and 4 seconds faster per meter

A large part of the time-taking project was carried out by the electricians from Verdo, who were extremely helpful. Jonas Søgaard who is chairman of the project was introduced to the rilleclips PRO series in this connection, and here is what he subsequently stated...

We're excited about the new clip. It works perfectly as intended, and feels like a good quality product you stand with between your fingers.

Our experience is an easier workflow with fixing pipes in grooves compared to nails as we can cope with fixing the pipes without tools and thus have better control of our pipes, cables and cans.

There is a time saving of the entire workflow, especially because the use of tools is absent. For concrete, groove clips are a great advantage, as fixing pipes has always been a laborer when talking concrete.

But all in all, the Rille clips Pro series will provide a time saving, especially when the walls can also be porous and the seams have a hard time hanging on, like our ongoing renovation project of 214 apartments.

In piecework work where time is always an important factor, the Rilleclips PRO series would be a good time-saving tool in the use for fixing pipes "


Jonas Dreyer Søgaard

Chord keeps v. Verdo


Clips Group would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU! all parties involved in this project.

It's been a pleasure working with you.