Clips Group on a construction project

Clips Group has been allowed to follow Lillegården-El on a construction project, where 16 types of townhouses are built at Valsgård, near Hobro.

With the project, Lillegården-El had our groove clips. Electric fitter Lasse Højen Christensen, who was already familiar with our products, had to use the clips on the construction.

Fitter Lasse Højen Christensen says....

"At first I was a bit skeptical and thought if it would be worthwhile to use the rilleclips but, I quickly learned that there was a great advantage to using them.
The work went much faster, while it was easy. As I became more familiar with the product, I could also sense that not so many groove clips should be used, unlike traditional fastening methods. The clips fix the pipes or cables very well, which means that pipes or cables can be tightened out in the milled groove and thus saved both time and materials.

16 type townhouses will be built on this project. Each townhouse is 100 sqm, about 40 clips have been used and I have saved at least one hour of work per house. It is my assessment that as I get to know the product better, I will be able to reduce the number of clips used and thus save further on time. That is quite a sensible calculation.
I am very happy with the groove clips and have shown them to several of my colleagues who are also quite impressed.
A good product that we will make use of in the future"

Clips Group would like to say big thanks to Lillegården-El, fitter Lasse Højen Christensen and installer Henrik Vraa Andersen, for the good cooperation and the fine opinion.