10 apartments, 20 installer hours saved

In the heat of summer, the diligent and skilled electricians from Agesen El, have been working hard on a renovation project in Dronninglund, north of Aalborg.

The construction project consists of converting an old hospital building and associated office buildings, into residential accommodation consisting of 80 apartments.

The first stage of construction is the adjacent buildings to the hospital, which will become 10 apartments.

The size of each apartment varies from 150m2 to 190m2, and on average 20 grooves of different lengths per apartment.







Installer Frederik Agesen had heard about our groove clips PRO series, and wanted to test the clip on this project. Naturally, we wanted to be involved and were allowed to follow the project.

Fitter at Agesen EL, Nikolaj Kjeldgård, who is responsible for the construction, therefore had to try our groove clips PRO for cables and pipes, for the first time.

Two types of masonry had to be milled. One type was concrete, where a "normal" groove cutter was used, and the other type was lightweight concrete walls, where a wall groove cutter was used. Both machines are from Baier.


The project started and after trying Rilleclips PRO, fitter Nicolaj says:
"After I got used to the clips, I was really comfortable using them. Some super nice products and very easy to use".


The clips work in all the masonry types we have milled. And it's fast.

We have previously used clamps and screws in lightweight concrete, but the clips are significantly faster and we also experience a better retention of the cables in the grooves. In some cases we could use two clips in one groove from ceiling to floor, precisely because the cable was well fixed in the groove.

Sometimes we just used a hammer to hammer the clip into the wall, and other times we just pressed them in with our fingers - whatever was easiest in the situation. For example, with the hammer I could stand on the floor and just get the top clip into the wall without having to get the ladder - just easy.

Using a hammer or other tools is not a necessity. We therefore also found that working postures were significantly improved by using the clip, which was good for both the back and the knees.


Certainly a product we would like to continue using.

And then I was not aware that it is a Danish invention and that they are made in Denmark. That's just an extra +

In the 10 apartments we have used groove clips PRO for cables and for pipes.
In some grooves we had more than two cables, and therefore used the clip for 16mm pipes. It worked really well.

On the 10 apartments we have a total consumption of clips of about 900 pieces.
We had about 20 grooves with cables, 1 hour saving on fastening, 2 men, per apartment.

Overall, it's a saving of 20 fitter hours, so it's certainly a pretty reasonable calculation," concludes Nikolaj.

Installer Frederik Agesen says that "I am also quite satisfied with the test of the rilleclips PRO series."


Many thanks to installer Frederik Agesen and fitter Nikolaj Kjeldgård - it has been a a pleasure to work with you 😊