Nordbyen's energy and plumbing use PRO clips

Rasmus Mortensen, plumbing fitter at Nordbyen's energy and plumbing in Aarhus, uses Rilleclips PRO for 25 mm pex tubes.

Rasmus says the following...

"When I saw rilleclips PRO at the local wholesaler, and later at a trade show, it seemed to me like a good and solid quality product that would make it easy to attach 25 mm pex tubes in the grooves. It had to be tried and I was very pleasantly surprised. Usually I use screws or nails when I attach my tubes in the grooves, but after I start using the clip it is no longer an option! The workflow is just so much easier with the clip. Of course, I also save a lot of time – it almost goes without saying when you just press the pipe into the groove and then it gets stuck, without the use of tools. The clip maintains the tube really well and it works absolutely perfectly. An excellent product that I have been using ever since I tried it the first time and clearly will use in the future.

"In fact, I'm surprised I didn't get that idea myself a long time ago." Rasmus finishes with a smile on his face.

Clips Group would like to thank Rasmus for the fine statement and Nordbyen's energy and plumbing for the cooperation.